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One of the premium magicians' troupe from India, GILI GILI MAGIC has dedicated 2 generations and a combined experience of over 80 years to the art of Magic.

Prof. Shankar & Shankar Junior, the father-son duo have traveled widely across 12 countries (including USA, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, England, Ireland, Bahrain, UAE and Oman)  with their magic ranging from Close-up to Grand Illusions. (Click here for more >)

The only magicians troupe from India to have represented the country in 5 International Magicians Conventions held abroad and have themselves organised 3 International Convention in their hometown, Udupi. (Click here for more >)

Shankars' World of Magic has used magic not only for entertaining packed audience with dazzeling illusions, but also to create awareness among the people about national integration, spirituality, blind beliefs and to publicise various service / schemes of  the Government and private sector.

Some of the unique magic feats of the Shankars  include - 
    Catching a bullet with the bare hand - 1966 
    Politician disappears in mid air -1994
    Vanishing of live elephant in the open ground-1996
    Recreation of the legendary Indian Rope Trick - 1997
    Kargil Magic- 2000
    Death Sword escape-2000
    Vanishing of India Gate - 2001
    Catching of 2 Bullets - 2002 with the hand & teeth 
    Under  Water Escape - 2002
    Enlightenment Through Entertainment (Spiritual Magic) - 2003 

    (Click here for more >)


Shankars' World of Magic has been recognized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). The North Zone Cultural Centre (NZCC) arranged their magic shows several times for special occasions all around North India.

Special interviews for the radio in India, Ireland, Bahrain, USA, U. K, have given the Shankars a huge following of fans and admirers around the globe. 

Their unique magic tricks were recorded for the BBC, Thames Television London, NHK TV Japan, Hans Klok Production Germany, Edenac Productions France, Sri Lankan TV, MBC, apart from National Television Network like Doordarshan (Karnataka, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai), Udaya and ETV


The Shankars are known for their “Magic with an Intimate Touch” (Click here for more >)

Gili Gili Magic is a “Custom Made Show”, wherein a show is tailored as per the needs and expectations of the organiser. 

It provides a variety of choice ranging from – 
    Single person to 18 member troupe
    12 minutes to 120 minutes show
    Close-up Magic to Stage Illusions
    Bare Handed Magic to A Truck Load of Equipment
    . . . and so on.


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