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After entertaining millions of people across the globe, Shankar Junior is "Virtually" back with his new creation...



by Shankar Junior

It's a unique opportunity to go into a Magical Journey, as it unfolds right in front of you.

The show is designed using state of the art technology, with multiple camera angles for better viewing experience.

Watch with your colleagues, family and friends, as Shankar Junior interacts with you live and makes you part of the Magic.


  • Highly interactive magic with active audience participation

  • Watch all genres of  Magic... from Stage, Stand-up, Close-up and Mentalism

  • Be ready to get your minds read, thoughts predicted and brains teased.

  • Feel the Magic as it happens right where you are... even if you are miles apart

  • State of the Art Technology. 

  • Suitable for all audience... Kids to Adults, Family to Corporates.

NO.... THIS IS NOT A "KIDS SHOW"... its High Quality Entertainment for everyone.

Audiences from India, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Hongkong, Singapore and the Middle East have been enthralled by "Between You & Me"... When is your turn ? . . .  Click Here for an enquiry..

Multiple Camera Views

For Better viewing experience

Live Interaction

For Better Participative Experience

Sequence 02.Still007.jpg

Multiple Genres

For Variety Experience

State of the Art Setup

For Interruption Free Viewing

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